Injustice 2 Review

When the first Injustice game launched in early 2013, it was a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t just a reskin of the current gen Mortal Kombat games with DC characters like many expected, it was a totally unique game with a deep story, great characters and some of the best fighting in a recent game. As […]

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Weekly Highlights May 8-14

Here are the highlights (and lowlights) from the past week in movies, television and gaming… MOVIES: After a 35 year(!!!) wait, the sequel to Blade Runner is just a few short months away from being released, and we finally have a full-length trailer. The 1982 original wasn’t a huge hit when it was released, but […]

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Snatched Review

Maybe I’m getting old. It wasn’t that long ago that I could go into a raunchy comedy and enjoy what I was watching. There was no sex joke that was too perverted. No gross out scene was too extreme. Almost every pratfall, no matter how stupid, made me laugh. Every R-rated comedy I’ve seen over […]

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Weekly Highlights May 1-7

Here are the weekly highlights (and lowlights) from the world of movies, television and gaming: MOVIES: After years in development, The Dark Tower is finally ready to be released and it has a shiny new trailer to prove it. Stephen King movie adaptations aren’t always the most successful endeavors, but if this is even half […]

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