We’re back!!!

Hey everyone… after a long hiatus we’re back to fulfill all your blog reading needs.  We will be updating this blog with a ton of cool stuff. We’ll bring you the latest reviews of movies, TV and video games. You’ll be getting tech and gadget write ups as often as we can. Heck, we may […]

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Dyson Airblow 2050 Concept Umbrella

I love conceptual ideas.  Concept cars, concept phones, even conceptual houses.  These crazy, often unheard of ideas are what pushes us to create new, and better things. Quintin Debaene, an industrial design student, designed a conceptual umbrella as an entrant into the James Dyson Award. The idea is to use air, as opposed to fabric […]

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Fossil JR1400

Fossil JR1400 I’m not an “avid” watch collector but I do like them. I like wearing them, looking at them and finding a nice cheap watch that people think cost a lot. I think of myself as a “baller on a budget” which makes it hard to be a watch lover. Really good watches are […]

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