Injustice 2 Review

When the first Injustice game launched in early 2013, it was a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t just a reskin of the current gen Mortal Kombat games with DC characters like many expected, it was a totally unique game with a deep story, great characters and some of the best fighting in a recent game. As […]

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

New video game IPs are a risky endeavor. Asking people to drop their hard earned money on something that is more or less an unknown property can be met with varying degrees of success. For every Destiny, there’s a few games like The Order:1886. However, the ones that do break through though can start successful franchises […]

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We’re back!!!

Hey everyone… after a long hiatus we’re back to fulfill all your blog reading needs.  We will be updating this blog with a ton of cool stuff. We’ll bring you the latest reviews of movies, TV and video games. You’ll be getting tech and gadget write ups as often as we can. Heck, we may […]

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The Last Of Us Review by DB

Though only half over, 2013 has been a phenomenal year for the video game industry. With must-play titles like Tomb Raider and Bioshock:Infinte already released, and the upcoming PS4/Xbox one titles announced, this year may go don as the best year for gamers to date. But none of these releases will hold a candle to […]

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