Here are some of the highlights (and lowlights) from the world of movies, television and gaming from the past week:


For the last several years Sony has been trying to get a movie based off the Uncharted video games off the ground, but for some reason the plans keep getting derailed. Every time an actor or director is in place, something happens and everything gets scrapped. Now, for the first time, plans seem to be moving forward – but in a very questionable way. The focus of the game has always been Nathan Drake, a 30-something treasure hunter who travels the world looking for riches and gets into trouble along the way. There were brief parts in the third and fourth games where we were introduced to younger versions of Drake, but other than that its all older Drake, all the time. Well, those past adventures with li’l Nathan are going to be the focus of the first film. Tom Holland, who is only 20 (but looks 14), has been cast in the role. Uncharted fans haven’t exactly been clamoring for The Young Nathan Drake Chronicles…

The DC extended universe had another setback this week, but this one is sadly due to tragedy. Zach Snyder, the director who got the universe started with his two Superman movies, had to step away from completing the Justice League movie. He and his wife announced that their 20 year old daughter committed suicide and they need time to process and grieve as a family. Joss Whedon, who is making a Batgirl movie for the studio, will complete the remaining work on the film an stay true to Snyder’s vision. My condolences to the Snyder family at this difficult time

We all know that Hollywood loves its reboots, but rebooting a franchise mere months after the last movie released is overkill. Yet that is what they are doing with the announcement that the Resident Evil series is starting over again. The existing movies were never exactly beloved and went so far off course from the games that everything became a convoluted mess. If the reboot can follow the games more closely it has potential, but there’s a great chance that things will be screwed up even more.

The world lost a Hollywood legend on Tuesday as veteran actor Roger Moore passed away after a short illness at the age of 89. Though Moore had a career that spanned nearly 70 years, he will always be remembered as James Bond. He was already famous after starring in the TV series The Saint in the 1960’s, but starring as Bond turned him into a household name. He will be missed

The opening of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie was both good and bad. While the movie had the lowest opening of the series here, it made a fortune internationally. Guardians 2 continued to dominate the summer movie season and has now made more than the first film both here and overseas, and after only 4 weeks. There is an outside chance it will make more than Civil War, making it the most successful Marvel movie outside of The Avengers. Baywatch opened well below expectations in third place, marking a rare failure for star Dwayne Johnson.


When Twin Peaks premiered back in 1990, it was a true “love it or hate it” show. Some viewers instantly were drawn into the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer while others were immediately turned off by David Lynch‘s unique style. Yet, by the time the 2nd (and final) season concluded, even fans were turning away. Now 26 years later, the revival is upon us and things seem to be just as they were when it started. Some love it, and others have already decided to tune out

The 2016-17 TV season came to an end this week, with most shows having aired their season finales. There wasn’t too many changes, as the usual suspects (Big Bang, NCIS, Empire, etc…) being the highest rated of the year and pretty much the entire CW schedule down at the bottom. This Is Us was the highest rated new show.


Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later… Rockstar has announced that the anticipated Red Dead 2 has been delayed into spring of next year. Lots of huge games tend to release between October and December, so if one or two get delayed I’m usually OK with it. I just wish this wasn’t the game that got pushed back

Horror fans had something to celebrate as the Friday the 13th game was finally released, but sadly the game launched with some major server issues. The (temporarily) multiplayer only game puts you in the shoes of either psycho Jason Voorhees or one of a small group of camp counselors. Clearly the game was a labor of love, as it flawlessly recreates some of the most memorable kills, gives you the ability to play as the various incarnations of Jason and brings in iconic visuals and characters from the movie series. Hopefully the servers become stable soon.

We all knew it was coming, but Ubisoft has officially announced Far Cry 5. Unlike the other games in the series, this one takes place in Montana. An as yet unnamed protagonist will fight against a nasty cult leader with the help of the locals. Expect the same extreme violence and map exploration that the series is known for. The game releases at the end of February, 2018