Since the revival of 24 (titled 24: Live Another Day) was such a success in the summer of 2015, it should come as no surprise that Fox jumped back on the bandwagon and wanted the show back full time. The problem was that Jack Bauer was 24, and the revival didn’t exactly leave his character readily available. Producers still carried on though, and so we wound up with 24: Legacy. While not quite a reboot, this version of the show was more of a continuation with mostly new characters. The big question I had going into the season was could it work without Kiefer Sutherland as Bauer, or would it be just a pale imitation of the original?

STARRING: Corey HawkinsMiranda OttoJimmy Smits; Carlos Bernard

KeyArt-24Legacy_0.pngEric Carter (Hawkins) is a military hero who has returned home to his loving wife and what would hopefully be a peaceful life. The quiet life isn’t meant to be, however. While fighting overseas, Carter and his squad took down terrorist leader Ibraham Bin-Khalid. Now his fellow soldiers are being hunted down and killed by Bin-Khalid’s son. Carter turns to his friend Rebecca Ingram (Otto), former head of CTU and wife of presidential hopeful John Donovan (Smits), for help. To stop the terrorist group hunting him down, laws will need to be broken.

24-Legacy-Miranda-Otto-Rebecca-Ingram-Cast-PhotoWell, 24: Legacy follows the lead of the original. It has the same action and tense moments that fans loved about the old show, but also has a few of the same problems that hurt the original in latter seasons. The biggest issue is that it tried to cram too many useless plots into its brief runs. When the show ran for 24 episodes there was room for the needless stories, but the new brief 12 episode run didn’t have room for such filler. A plot about a sleeper cell in high school was utterly useless, and an odd subplot about Carter’s wife and his brother wasn’t much better. The show worked significantly better when the focus was on Carter, CTU and the terrorists. The highlight of the season was the return of Tony Almeida (Bernard), the lone returning cast member from the original series.

So the Kiefer-less 24 managed to work in some respects, but I’d still rather see a new season with the old cast than another season with the new guys. The stuff that did work actually worked very well, but most of the filler was DOA. What would be fantastic is if somehow both new and old school somehow merged and we had Carter and Chloe work together to bust Jack out of a Russian prison. I know it’s a long shot, but you never know…