One age bracket that almost always seems to be overlooked when making comedies is people over 75. Throwing an elderly actor into a movie geared towards younger people is common. I’m talking about comedies with seniors as the main stars. With decades of experience under their belts, these actors can be funny, if not downright hilarious. The latest movie to star some lovable seniors is Going in Style, and they got the holy trinity of older actors.

STARRING: Morgan Freeman; Michael Caine; Alan Arkin; Ann-Margret


FreemanWillie (Freeman), Joe (Caine), & Albert (Arkin) are three retired friends who all worked together. The company they worked for has frozen their pensions, and they now have no source of income. Fearing he will lose his home, which he shares with his daughter and granddaughter, Joe goes to the bank to see what can be done. While there, the bank is robbed. Seeing the criminals get off scott free, he proposes an idea to his friends. The three of them will rob the bank responsible for their lost pensions, and live their remaining years without worry. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that three 80-somethings aren’t exactly meant for a quick robbery, so they bring in professional help.

CaineIf you’re going to cast older actors, you can’t do any better than this trio. Morgan Freeman is one of the greatest living American actors, ditto for Michael Cane (except British). Alan Arkin has been one of the funniest men in the business for over fifty years. Having these guys working together is a dream team if there ever was one. Together, they provide a ton of laughs and a surprising amount of heart.

ArkinGoing in Style works as well as it does solely because of the leads. With lesser actors in the roles, the movie would be merely average. You most definitely do not need be older to enjoy it. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys light comedies and especially to fans of the actors.