Sequels to horror movies are inevitable. They’re cheap to make and can usually turn a profit for the studio, so one generally isn’t enough. If an original horror movie proves popular, it won’t be long before a sequel, prequel, remake or reboot is announced. When The Ring was released in 2002, it was a massive hit. An American remake of a popular Japanese honor film, The Ring was a smash out of the gate and, something rare in modern horror movies, genuinely terrifying. It wasn’t long before a sequel was announced, so in 2004 a second chapter came out to diminishing returns. Now, 13 years later, a third chapter is out.

MCDRING_EC004_H.pngThe franchise focuses on the people who watch a cursed videotape. Once viewed, they immediately receive a phone call from Samara, the young girl in the video, telling them that they have seven days to live. The only way to stop it is to make a copy and show someone else. The main plot of the first two films focuses on a young boy who watches the video, so his mom takes him on the run in hopes of avoiding certain death. The newest chapter now focuses on a teen girl who sees a slightly altered version of the video, so she and her boyfriend try and find out Samara’s history, and stop her before more people die.

If I had to label this movie, I’d call it more of a reboot than a direct sequel. Other than Samara, the characters from the first movies aren’t even referenced. Also, waiting so long between films in a franchise (especially horror) isn’t the smartest move. But, against all odds, Rings isn’t an awful movie. In fact, I actually preferred it to the second film. I wouldn’t call it scary. I wouldn’t even call it good … but, If you keep your expectations in check, you may actually enjoy it (in a direct to video way). Since the movie has already made back its budget and it is left wide open for more movies, don’t be surprised if another chapter comes our way soon.