Hey all. This is my first attempt at something like this, so please excuse the spelling errors and bad grammar that may appear. Apologies in advance if something doesn’t make sense.

I’ll admit my desire to watch the Oscars the last few years has been less than usual. I have grown somewhat tired of the long winded speeches, the over produced musical sections and the (really) bad jokes. I yearn for the days when Billy Crystal hosted – he could at least make us laugh at the jokes. This year, instead of ignoring it, I’ll embrace it.

My predictions in a nutshell… LaLa Land will sweep, and win at least 9 of the awards it’s nominated for, including best picture. The whole “OscarsSoWhite” debacle from last year will officially be over and at least two, probably three, of the acting awards will go to non-white actors. The In Memorium segment will be longer than usual, and bring guaranteed tears to the audience. There will be a minimum of one “Hidden Fences” or “Adele Dazeem” fiasco that’ll be trending on Twitter within minutes. Finally, I predict there will be a minimum of seven Trump references and/or jokes during the ceremony (I’m including a handy Trump counter to keep track).

I’ll state now that I really have no interest in the pre-show. Unless one of my favourite actresses pops out of dress, I don’t care what anyone is wearing.


Here we go…

I guess opening your show with a Justin Timberlake performance is a good way to start. He has the audience dancing in the aisle. Not as fan of the song though.

So I really like Jimmy Kimmel. He is really funny, and has a great repor with celebrities. I look forward to seeing how he does.

That was quick – didn’t expect Matt Damon jokes that fast.

nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersFirst, a reference to the country being half racist. Then a hilarious joke about Meryl Streep being overrated. Then one about Ivanka’s fashion line. Then finally one about Trump tweeting about the show. 15 minutes in and we’re already at 4 references on the Trump Tracker.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR. I haven’t seen any of the nominated movies, so I have no preference, but Mahershala Ali is the favourite. And he wins it… good on him. #OscarSoWhite is officially done.


nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersFake news!


MAKEUP. Man Kate McKinnon is funny. Suicide Squad wins. I guess a superhero movies can win an Oscar

COSTUME DESIGN. Fantastic Beasts. Never saw the movie, so can’t comment. But congrats all the same

These Rolex commercials seem out of place. Why advertise a product 95% of viewers can’t afford

DOCUMENTARY. I guarantee I haven’t heard of any of the nominees except the OJ one. Which wins!

So, I really like this song from Moana. The voice of Moana,  Auli’i Cravahlo. Man, this girl has some pipes.

SOUND EDITING. The Arrival wins. Haven’t seen it, but I hear it’s great.

SOUND MIXING. Hacksaw Ridge. Great movie, and a deserved win.

Wow, LaLa Land is 0-for-3. Hmmmm….

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. Viola Davis is the odds on favourite, but Octavia Spencer was also awesome. Yay Viola wins. This is a powerful speech. I love it when actors show how appreciative they can be.

I guess one of my predictions has come true.

FOREIGN FILM. The Salesman (Iran). The director isn’t there out of respect for those affected by the immigration ban. Wow. So, I guess a Trump reference


Sting still rocks. Don’t know the song though.

ANIMATED SHORT. I’ve only seen Piper, and it wins! Awesome news.

nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runners Gael Garcia Bernal talking about the wall.

ANIMATED FILM. Zootopia, Kubo and Moana are all great, so I’d be happy with any. Zooptopia takes it. Yahoo.

PRODUCTION DESIGN. LaLa Land. Is this the start of the sweep?

I’m not quite sure about this tour bus thing. It’s odd. But Denzel just proved he’s The Most Awesome Person Alive. Ryan Gosling is kissing all the women. Jennifer Aniston gave a woman her sunglasses. These regular people’s lives have just peaked.

VISUAL EFFECTS. The Jungle Book deserves it, though I didn’t like the movie much. And it wins it.

2-for-2 on the talking animal movies. I wonder how many more are coming?

FILM EDITING. Well, this is an odd pairing. Michael J Fox and Seth Rogen. Wow, another award for Hacksaw Ridge. I’m honestly surprised a Mel Gibson film is getting some love

DOCUMENTARY SHORT. The White Helmet. Yay? Sorry never heard of it

LIVE ACTION SHORT. Sing. Not the one about the singing animals. So ditto…

nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runners Apparently Trump isn’t tweeting. Kimmel tweeted him asking if he’s awake lol

CINEMATOGRAPHY. LaLa Land deserves this for the opening scene alone, and I’m so glad it won.

Oh my God. Oscar edition of mean tweets!!! Highlight of the night right here.

ORIGINAL SCORE. LaLa Land. The musical wins a music award.

ORIGINAL SONG. If LaLa doesn’t win, it may be the upset of the night. I love the Moana song too. But LaLa wins and the sweep continues.

God, Jennifer Aniston looks amazing. Sweet and awesome Bill Paxton mention. Here come the tears… The In Memorium segment. Way shorter than expected, but so glad the closed with Carrie Fisher. Still not over that one😭

LMAO. Ben Affleck and “guest” Matt Damon. This joke has been going on 5 years and it’s still great

ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY. Manchester by the Sea. I’m not surprised, but I thought LaLa would take it

ADAPTED SCREENPLAY. Moonlight. I couldn’t have guessed in this category

Poor Hidden Figures. So many nominations, and it seems a shutout is happening.

DIRECTOR. Damien Chazelle for LaLa Land. Not the least bit shocking. Well deserved win. The movie really is fantastic

ACTOR. Affleck was the front runner, but I hope Denzel takes it. Gosling can sneak in as well. Honestly they all deserve it. But Casey Affleck wins. I hear good things about the movie.

ACTRESS. Emma Stone has been the #1 choice during the entire awards season. Could we see the first true upset of the evening? Nope. Emma wins.

BEST PICTURE. LaLa should dominate here. It’s won most every best picture award over the last few months. And of course it is the big winner of the night. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it.

Whoa… never mind. Major screw up. Moonlight wins. Biggest screw up in Oscar history right here. Wow…