TV viewership isn’t that same as it used to be. We had 3 channels to choose from, and a VCR to record shows if we weren’t around to watch them. Now, with PVRs and 100’s of channels to choose from, it’s easy to overlook some gems. These are, in my opinion, the best of the currently airing that are receiving less than 7 million viewers. I’m not including Netflix shows as their ratings aren’t published, or shows that are confirmed cancelled at the time of this writing.

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LUCIFER – Lucifer.jpg

The plot is this – the Devil, sick of Hell, leaves it behind and starts living it up in LA as the owner of popular nightclub. When one of his celebrity friends is murdered outside his club, he aids the police in finding her killer. He decides he actually enjoys helping those who need it, and decides to do it permanently. What started out as just another genre show has developed into one of the most charming, entertaining shows on network television. Fox, which generally gives up on lower rated shows like this after a short time, has instead given it time to flourish.

LETHAL WEAPON lethal-weapon

I know that many people were sceptical about the blockbuster movie franchise becoming a watered down tv series – I was one of them. But if you passed this over, you are most definitely missing out. Pretty much everything great about the movies is present in the TV version. The leads have incredible chemistry, the action scenes are movie caliber, and the thrill is always there. Sure, the violence is toned down, but do yourself a favour and watch an episode. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

AGENTS OF SHIELD – agent-of-shield

The first series spun off from the Marvel movies is also the oldest series on this list. Ratings were good at first, then they started to drop. Repeatedly. Now, it has the lowest viewership on ABC. The sad part is that creatively, the show is probably the best it’s been. Part of me hopes that the shows get canned, and then Netflix picks it up and makes it darker. I know that’s not likely to happen though, so if you used to be a fan, give another episode a shot. You may like what you see…

QUARRY –quarry

This Cinemax program is currently not airing, but has not been cancelled, so it is included here. This gritty, graphic crime drama is set during the early 70’s. A guy returns home from Vietnam after taking part in a horrific attack on a Vietnamese village, and finds himself shunned by everyone. When his best friend, who owes $30000 to a crime boss, is killed,  he is forced by the boss to work off the debt as a hitman. Featuring the graphic nudity and bloody violence that Cinemax is known for, this is one show worth trying to hunt down. Of all shows on this list, this is the one I made sure I watched right away.

PREACHER –  Preacher.png

After the first episode, I wasn’t sure if this AMC adaptation of the comic series was for me. I like weird, but this was so far out there that I was initially turned off. Luckily, I gave it another chance and was so glad I did. The premise is oddly simple – a priest accidentally gets a heavenly power that allows him to control anyone with his voice, and two angels come to get that power back. His ex girlfriend and a vampire are his only friends. Like I said, this show is weird. Preacher embraces the odd, and is much better for it.

OUTCAST – Outcast.png

The first scene of the first episode was one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen on a TV series. While nothing that succeeded it managed to match it, I still loved every episode. The premise is that a young man, who lives a private life due to serious issues with his mother and ex wife, has a gift that allows him to expel demons from possessed people just by his touch. The local priest believes man you of the citizens aren’t exactly themselves, so he enlists the help of the “outcast” to rid the town of evil. The show is from one of the walking dead creators, so expect some pretty graphic content. This one is not for the faint of heart

RIVERDALE – riverdale.jpg

The newest show on this list, Riverdale is one program that needs to be watched. If you were ever a fan of Archie comics, you will pretty much love this series. Everything that made the comics so popular is present, but instead of goofy and lighthearted we get suspenseful and mysterious. You see, Riverdale is actually a deadly serious murder mystery. While the show isn’t for everyone, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

LIFE IN PIECES – Life-in-Pieces.jpgFrom Leave It To Beaver to Modern Family, family sitcoms are a television institution. There’s been many winners and losers, but few stand out above the others. When one comes around that is unique, it deserves to be given a chance. This CBS show falls in that category. Focusing on four distinct couples in the same family – the grandparents, the daughter and her family, the eldest son and his girlfriend, and younger son and his wife and new baby – it presents each group in short, 6 minute mini episodes. Sometimes there is a common thread throughout all four, such as Thanksgiving, but more often than not, they’re totally independent stories. Every actor is at the top of their game here, and the result is one of the funniest shows currently on air

THE 100 – the-100.jpg

The CW network only airs 10 hrs of programming a week, and it has dedicated 75% of those hours to DC properties, Supernatural, vampire shows and romantic comedies. This scheduling leaves little room for their other shows, resulting in shortened seasons. Due to this, these shows tend to be missed during their rather brief runs. One of these overlooked shows is The 100 and, to make matters worse, it is easily the best show on the network. Part sci-fi, part action, this show proves that not every show requires moments of happiness. Any character can die at any time. If ever a show was meant for binge watching, this is it.

iZOMBIE – iZombie.jpgFor much the same reason as The 100 above, this CW show is sadly not as popular as it should be. The big difference is that iZombie is not deadly serious. It’s actually a very funny and charming comedy that turns the zombie genre on its head. A promising young doctor gets bitten by a zombie and becomes one of the undead. By eating brains, she maintains her humanity, so she takes a job at the morgue to keep brains in constant supply. An odd side effect occurs though, and she acquires both the memories and personality of the the person she eats. She uses these new skills to help solve their murders.