GruWhen Despicable Me came out in 2010, nobody really expected much. It had a big name star doing voice over work (Steve Carell), but shared a similar premise with Megamind which was coming out just a few short months later. Despicable Me was about a super villain named Gru who is so evil that his goal is to be the bet super villain in the world by stealing the moon. In order to accomplish his goal, he “adopts” three young girls. After a while, he starts to like the family life and wants to keep the girls and turn over a new leaf. So, to pretty much everyone’s surprise, the movie became a monster hit and grossed over $250 million! Of course, a sequel was quickly green-lit. The biggest success story of the movie though wasn’t the gross, it was the introduction of the Minions. I firmly believe they were the reason for the film’s success and I think the fact that all the marketing for the follow up, which has them prominently featured, proves it.

The title for the sequel is a bit misleading as Gru is no longer despicable. He has done a complete turn around and is a great father to his three young girls and has become a very well liked person overall. Something is missing though, as youngest daughter Agnes points out, and that is a mother. Enter Lucy (Kristen Wiig), who works for the AVL (anti-villain league), and wishes to recruit Gru to help them catch a villain who as stolen a serum that turns whatever ingests it into monsters. Gru and Lucy go undercover in hopes of locating the bad guy, but that process may not be as easy as hoped.

Minion 1Minion 2This follow up still manages to have all the charm and humor of the original but the story falls short this time. Luckily, the Minions are on hand at all times to make you laugh. Normally I’m not a fan of expanded rolls for what should be supporting or secondary characters, but for these little yellow blobs I’ll make an exception. They really are hilarious, and it almost gets to the point that the movie slows down considerably whenever they’re not on screen. This is rarely the case though, as they are in nearly every scene. Knowing that they are getting a spin-off movie next year is actually an exciting thought, and I cannot wait to see it.

Kids will love every second of this movie, and parents will love all of it. Like I said earlier, there are a few slower parts, but it is a worthy sequel to the unrest film in every way.

4/5 stars