TatumIt’s a well known fact that Hollywood loves remaking movies, but it’s rare that a remake is released just a few months after the original. Of course I’m kidding, but it’s hard to ignore exactly how similar White House Down is to Olympus Had Fallen, which was released earlier in the year.

Both movies have identical plots – terrorists attack the White House, and it’s up to a government worker who happens to be in the right place at the wrong time, to save the President – and both share more than a few smaller details such as kids in danger.  As close as both movies seem to be, in the end they seem very different.

FoxxFirst off, while OHF was an all out action movie, WHD is more of a buddy movie similar in tone to the Lethal Weapon movies (and no, I’m not saying its anywhere near it in terms of quality). Also, the President is actually in on the action this time out. Jamie Foxx, as the leader of the free world, is out there, guns blazing, alongside Channing Tatum. One liners are shot out as often as bullets, and the two riff of each other like old pros. That, however, is where the problem lies – they are not “pros”. While Foxx has really come into his own as an actor, Tatum still has all the acting talent of a potato. He gets by solely on his charm (from this point on, I will refer to him as Charming Tater) which, while working well in smaller roles, does not translate as well to lead roles.

I fully understand that people will assume that they’ve already seen this movie earlier in the year, but I assure you there is a different vibe with White House Down. If you go in expecting a silly fun action movie, you may find yourself enjoying it more than you anticipated. While in no way is this a better movie than Olympus Has Fallen, I did enjoy it more simply from the fun factor.

3/5 stars