Hollywood “insider” movies generally only cater to movie buffs and critics. Most people need insider info in order to grasp what is happening, so the audience isn’t as wide as most films. What is done much more rarely than that, though, is casting real life actors as themselves, but placing them in a totally fictitious story. The end result, this time, is one of the funniest movies of the year.

JamesCelebrities have played themselves in many movies over the years, but never has it been done in the way that This is the End does it. Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, James Franco, Craig Robinson and Jonah Hill play extremely exaggerated versions of themselves. They all gather at Franco’s house for a party when the apocalypse strikes, and they must survive. Of course, with this crew, they don’t build a fortress but, instead, argue over who gets to smoke the last joint.

SethAlmost everything about this movie is so extremely over the top that, unless you have zero sense of humor, you are guaranteed to laugh at most of the jokes. By the time one joke is done, two more have started. The fact that these celebs are playing amped up versions of their real personas is refreshing and half the fun. The incredible number of celebrity cameos is the funny icing on an already hilarious cake. Also, somewhat surprisingly, the fact that these 6 actors are real life friends adds a sense of realism to the movie, albeit a very small one.

**WARNING** I recommend that you do not consume excessive liquids during the movie. There is a scene involving a surprise celebrity cameo near the end of the film that is so blindingly funny that there is a chance one could easily piss themselves.

4/5 stars