Today, at the 2013 WWDC Apple introduced iOS7 to the world.  Bringing with it  a wide range of new and upgraded changes.

iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone. It’s packed with amazing new features and a stunning new user interface

Changes included everything from new fonts and typography to redesigned Slide-to-Unlock screen and 3d effects on the home screen.

Translucency seems apparent throughout the OS, as does true multi-tasking.  Apps will remain fully running in the background.  Facebook timelines, for example, will continue to update even with a different app running in the foreground.

We wanted to take an experience that people know very well and add to it

Game Center has also been redesigned, as has most of the stock apps.  The app store will also be upgraded to include automatic app updates.

Folders will finally support multiple pages.

Apple also added the rumored Control Center.  This is accessed by swiping up from the bottom.  The Control Center will include toggles such as Airplane Mode, brightness control,  AirDrop, AirPlay and flashlight.


Siri has also took a hit in this round of upgrades.  She has learned a few new languages, including French and German.  She has an animated sound wave while she talks and you can make her sound like a male.

Siri will now understand new commands like “turn on/off bluetooth” or “increase brightness”.

Siri will also be showing up in vehicles in the coming years.  16 manufacturers are on board to include Siri in their cars.  Ferrari is one of them.

The music app, along with other updates, has a new feature called iTunes Radio.  Much like other internet radios, there will be multiple stations covering multiple genres.  iTunes Radio will have the ability to skip through songs and add your own station.  This will be a free service with ads or ad free for iTunes Match subscribers.

You are going to absolutely love iOS 7