willImagine for a moment that you are Will Smith. Most people pretty much consider you the equivalent of showbiz royalty. Almost everything you touch – TV, film, music – tuns to gold. Millions of fans around the world not only love you, they want to be you. Charisma oozes out every pore. You have more pull in Hollywood than most directors, actors and producers. So, knowing you can get pretty much anything you want done, why not use a little nepotism and push your kids into the spotlight as well?

jadenWell, to paraphrase the great Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park; “He spent so much time wondering if he could, he never stopped to wonder if he should!

First, no matter what anyone says, Jaden Smith is not a mini version of his dad. While Will has charm to spare, his kid usually comes across as a smug little brat. Also, he really isn’t much of an actor. Expecting a child to carry an adult film is ridiculous, and it is his movie. Daddy takes a definite supporting turn this time. I understand he’s still young, but Jaden does not yet have the chops to tackle grown up roles.

As for the movie itself, it’s a mixed bag of weirdness, preaching and uneven effects. If you plan on seeing this based off of the trailers, I urge you to reconsider. The marketing team failed – this is not an action movie. It’s a drama with a few quick action scenes thrown in. Plus with Will in a supporting role, and the fact that M. Night Shyamalan (who hasn’t made a decent movie since Signs) directing, there are red flags all over the place. If you know everything ahead of time, you may get exactly what you’re expecting, but most people are going to see this solely on the fact that it stars The Fresh Prince.

That being said, many reviewers are being overly hard on this movie, calling it one of the worst of all time. Is it as bad as, or worse than, Battlefield Earth? Absolutely not. It’s boring, slow, and underwhelming, but not nearly as bad as that John Travolta dud.

I myself am a huge fan of Will, but I highly recommend that you skip this one. Let him see that his vanity projects and nepotism are not wanted, and then he can get back to making the type of movies that everybody wants him in. I just hope that this isn’t a career killer and sours people on seeing his films.

1.5/5 stars