Microsoft, at today’s Xbox event, officially announced the next gen Xbox.  They have officially named it ‘Xbox One’.

The system, as expected, has been built around voice control and the Kinect add on.

Update:  The new console will have an Octocore CPU, 8GB Ram, 500GB HDD, Blu-ray Drive, 802.11n Wireless, HDMI In/Out and USB 3.0

Update:  Some of the games coming to the Xbox One include all of EA’s sports games including UFC, The anticipated Forza Motorsports 5 and new title Quantum Break.

Update:  Call of Duty:Ghosts will release first as an Xbox One launch title as DLC but will also be available on other platforms at a later date.

The Xbox One will bring 15 exclusive titles including 8 brand new franchises.

Follow the live stream over at the Xbox website