When the original Evil Dead came out in the early 80’s, it quickly established itself as the ultimate cult movie. It was incredibly cheesy, but so much fun that 2 sequels followed, as well as icon status for star Bruce Campbell. Of course, Hollywood had to go and remake it.

Luckily, this isn’t just your average horror remake. They seriously toned down the humor and amped up the gore to the extreme. Also, this isn’t just a just a redo of the original – it can just as easily be a sequel as a remake.

Evil-Dead-remake-06Anyone who’s seen the original can tell you the story. Teens go to cabin… teens find evil book… teens read from evil book… teens die in horrible ways. This time, though, we have a small group of young adults going to a deserted cabin to help one of the girls, Mia (Played by Jane Levy of Suburgatory fame) kick a heroin habit. One of them finds the book of the dead, reads something he shouldn’t, and suddenly Mia is possessed by a demon and starts doing awful things to her friends.

Let me just say – this movie is truly disgusting (but not in a bad way). Limbs and bodily fluids fly at the screen without stopping. Some of the grossest moments in cinematic history may very well be in this film. I must applaud the makers for not going the 3D route on this one. As for the scares, they aren’t exactly plentiful but there’s plenty of nail biting moments for the meek. The cast is very good as well, and they do a better job than most of the talentless actors usually cast in this type of movie.

I very much enjoyed this remake. If you’re a horror fan, you need to check it out. However, if you have a weak stomach you may want to skip the meal before seeing this.

4/5 stars