When an actor gets typecast in a certain type of role, it’s no surprise that they try doing different types of movies to show their versatility. In the case of Gerard Butler, he took it to extremes. He went from big time action movie roles to being stuck in rom-com hell. People liked the tough guy, not the gruff romantic guy. Thankfully, he’s back in the genre people want to see him in – adrenaline fueled action movies.

Gerard-ButlerHere he plays Mike Banning, both head of secret service, and best friend, to the U.S. president. One night, during an accident, he is unable to save the First Lady and she is killed. Eighteen months later, unable to deal with what happened, he is working a regular job in the U.S. treasury. Things change when the north Koreans take over the white house and wipe out all the secret service and have the president and his closest staff trapped in an underground bunker. Now only Mike Banning can save them!

If this sounds like every other Die Hard clone ever released, it’s because it is. However, unlike many of them, it is very well made and keeps your attention throughout. As expected, there is a lot of groan worthy dialogue and cheesy moments (some people may be put of by how patriotic this is), but it almost certainly keep you entertained.

Now, let’s just hope Butler stays in movies like this, and stays as far away from Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston as possible!

3/5 stars