When I heard a sequel/reboot was being made, I was slightly surprised. The plan was to continue the story, but replace almost all the old actors and characters with new ones. It looked like a good move – and then the delay hit. A couple weeks before its release date, the movie was postponed nearly a full year to “tweak” some things and convert it to 3D. Normally that is a bad sign, but this time it may have been worth it.


The new G.I.Joe is a tighter, more serious film than the first, and is better for it. Gone are the super suits, dumb jokes and bad acting from the original and they are replaced by a quicker pace, great fight scenes and slightly better acting. Adding The Rock and Bruce Willis to the mix was inspired, and the two play fantastically off each other. Keeping the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow characters from the original was also a wise idea. They were easily the best part of the first film, and continue to steal the scenes they’re in.

When all is said and done, I enjoyed both films equally, but for very different reasons. The latest chapter turns out very well, and I hope that we may see these characters again and not get another reboot.

3.5/5 stars