Halle Berry has always been an actress on the verge of super stardom  but the A-list has always been just out of reach. She is not a bad actress – far from it – but some of her choices are bewildering. For every Oscar-winning film like Monster’s Ball, there’s a Razzie-winning Cat-woman  She has always done better as part of an ensemble, but the movies with her in the lead role always leave something to be desired.

After a bit of a break from starring roles, she is finally back as the lead in The Call, and the end result is … decent. She plays Jordan, a 911 operator who receives a call from a panic stricken young girl who’s home is being invaded. While trying to help, Jordan makes a critical error that causes the girl to be kidnapped and murdered. A few months later, another young girl calls in as she is being kidnapped, and it just so happens that the kidnapper is the same man who caused her so much grief just months earlier.

Everything in this movie is very convenient. You know exactly what’s coming and when. However, that doesn’t stop it from being somewhat thrilling and, at times, pretty intense. Berry is fine, but honestly anyone could have taken her role and given exactly the same performance. There’s really nothing for her to do other than act worried and scared. In the end, we have what would normally be a direct-to-DVD or TV movie with a somewhat higher production value.

2.5 stars out of 5