I often wonder if Google’s extensive suit of apps would be enough pull a user from the iOS world to Android. In the same thought I also wonder why Google is sharing it’s apps with Apple products. I love my iPhone but I also love Google’s apps.

I often use Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome, Picasa, YouTube, Docs and Google+. Almost all my daily productivity is done using Google’s mobile apps yet for some reason I use all these apps on my iPhone.

There’s just something about the iPhone that has kept me coming back update after update. I don’t know if it’s the feel of a solid, well constructed piece of hardware (don’t be perverted), or the unbeatable responsiveness of the iPhone’s capacitive touch screen. For some, it may be the incredible third party support with the immense amount of after market toys, apps and docks.

Is this why I keep buying an iPhone?

I realize this article may sound like a fanboy attempt to hype up an apple product but this it’s not. This is an internal conflict.

I was a very early adopter to the iPhone 5. First day, in fact. I couldn’t have been happier to get the new phone in my hands. I oohed and awed every time I touched the new, bigger screen. It was the same as I did with my iPhone 4, the same as with my iPod Nano and the same every time I play with a new iPad.

This must be why I keep buying Apple phones.

But this time was different. This time the novelty wore off. Quickly.

When Apple released the iPhone 4, with it’s glass and metal band construction I was so happy with it I didn’t want to put a case on it. I wanted to show it off. It was the sexiest phone on the market. Then the chips and scratches started and I was forced to wrap it up before it got worse. Now, with my iPhone 5, I just have another piece of glass wrapped in a case. Now, again, it’s the same ole, same ole. Other than a slightly taller screen and an extra row of icons it was the same phone I’ve been using for years.

Do I want to come back to another iPhone?

Maybe. Apple’s phones have always offered some powerful internal hardware. Amazing processor, unbelievable pixel count, A GPU that can “rival consoles”. Wait, don’t Samsung, LG, Motorola and even Google themselves also offer this in their hardware? Android and Apple fanboys will fight, tooth and nail, screaming about who’s favorite company bests who’s, but when it comes down to it, both companies have incredible, groundbreaking products. Both of which allow the user to carry the world in their pocket. Literally, in the case of Google Earth (available on both platforms).

Going back to my original thought. I’m conflicted if I should stick with a product which I’m becoming more and more disappointed in and use third party apps on a daily bases (some which are limited due to non-native support) or should I make the switch, embrace change and join a company which natively supports almost every major app I use daily.

Will this be the year I make the switch? I am a geek at heart, I love new and cool tech, I’m not afraid of change and I’m not a fanboy. I like great hardware when accompanied with complimentary, supportive software.

For me, Phone upgrades have always been an easy choice: The next, great iPhone. This time, however, for the first time, I don’t know what my next phone will be.