iOS-613-logoApple’s new update to the iOS firmware, 6.1.3, has been delivered to developers.  The update patches a vulnerability in the operating system’s time zone setting that allowed the Evad3rs team to exploit and run unsigned code in the OS.

David Wang, one of Evasi0n’s developers, confirmed the 6.1.3 update will, indeed, cripple their jailbreak software.  The exploit takes advantage of 5 vulnerabilities in the iOS software, all of which Wang expects to be patch when Apple releases the final version of the update.

In an interview, Wang tells Forbes: “the group has discovered enough bugs in Apple’s mobile operating system to nearly build a new iOS jailbreak even if all the bugs they currently use are fixed.”  So even if Apple does disable Evasi0n’s jailbreak it may not be long until there is a version 2.0.  Until then you can just avoid the iTunes update notification.