151Jack’s Wayback, with 62 locations across the US, will soon offer it’s customers a triple triple cheeseburger.  3 triple cheeseburgers in one.  That’s 9 patties with 9 slices of cheese.

One location in New York, during a test period,  received over 100 orders for the massive burger.  Due to the popularity, the restaurant chain decided to offer the burger as a regular menu item across all locations.

Jack’s Wayback states the burger is the “tallest burger on sale at a major fast food restaurant” and will come with a waiver to sign to protect the company from any possible legal issues.

Check past the break for more photos of the next burger I want to eat.

Waivers will be on hand in restaurants but customers will not be expected to sign them as the eating will be more ‘leisurely’ than in a competition


Despite reports that the burger tallied over 5,000 calories, Gillian Maffeo, Director of Marketing for Jack’s Wayback, confirms the Triple Triple actually ‘only’ has 1,979 calories. 

The Triple Triple comes with a price tag of 12.99