Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 today which they are dubbing as “a system by game creators, for game creators”, and it looks to be a powerhouse of a system.

The PS4 will ship with 8GB GDDR5 of high-speed unified memory, a “highly enhanced PC GPU with remarkable long-term potential” pushing almost 2 teraflops of performance and the ability to stream games live  online and share control of games, live, with friends.

It’s a PC-like architecture, “Supercharged.” It’s an x86 CPU with an “enhanced PC GPU” for graphics.

Sony plans to work with developers and keep them happy.  Developers had a lot of issues and complaints about working with the PS3 due to the platforms complicated architecture.  The PS4’s simplified architecture should eliminate a great deal of headaches for game companies and, hopefully, encourage them to push the bar on game design.

The processing power is an exponential leap over its predecessors, but at the same time we wanted the platform itself to be a premium place.

It was revealed that the new system will not have  native support for backward compatibility.  This is not all bad news, however.  Users will still be able to purchase and stream all previous system game from the cloud.

The Gaikai streaming service, which was purchased last year for $380 million dollars, will be incorporated into the PS4 allowing users to stream demos and test games instantly before purchasing them.  The Gaikai service will also be the use in the ,aforementioned, purchase and streaming of PS1, PS2 and PS3 games.

Holiday 2013 is what Sony is slating for a release window.  The actual console wasn’t shown at the conference nor was there mention of a shipping price.