When it comes to computer animated movies, unless it has the “Pixar” or “DreamWorks” logo at the beginning, you can more or less assume the movie following is aimed squarely at the under-10 crowd.  So, for the purpose of this review, I will offer both an adult’s and a 9 year old child’s point of view.

escape-from-planet-earthADULT REVIEW: After seeing the trailer for this move, I don’t know why I would expect anything more than a juvenile kid’s flick with little to no redeeming qualities. However, it had enough voice talent, known for being funny, (Rob Corddry, Brendan Fraser, Ricky Gervais) that I figured it may be worth a shot.  Unfortunately, the voice acting doesn’t help in the least. The only thing that I can recommend about this craptastic movie is that the animation itself is very well done. Also, in what may be one one of the most blatant forms of product placement in recent memory, 7-Eleven (yes, the store) is almost a supporting character. If you don’t have kids, I recommend you stay away.

KID REVIEW: “It was epic. I liked when the blue alien fell down!”

Draw from that what you will.

1 star out of 5