Die hard

It’s no secret that the original Die Hard is considered one of, if not THE best, action movies of all time. For years after, every Hollywood studio kept looking for the next version.  Die Hard on a bus, Die Hard on a boat, Die Hard on a plane… The list goes forever. It had a regular guy placed against a group of terrorists and he actually got hurt and felt pain.  Also, it turned Bruce Willis into a bankable action star. Of course, the sequels are a mixed bag. They kept putting the hero, John McClane, in increasingly unrealistic situations in which he had to save the day.

A-Good-Day-to-Die-HardThe second film was very similar to the first – just bigger in scale – and suffered some for it.  The third was actually a lot of fun, but that was thanks to Sam Jackson. The fourth was okay, but did the sin of toning down the language (?!) and violence (?!?!?!?!) to make it more “family friendly” (wtf?!?!??) This is also the point at which McClane is more or less turned into a superhero.

Now, here we are at the fifth entry and, boy oh boy, have things gone off the rails. Now the hero is stuck in a foreign country helping his never before mentioned son fight off a group of Russian terrorists. Car chases and gun fights ensue and our hero is stuck in the middle of it all and that, unfortunately, is the film’s biggest flaw.  You could literally remove the John McClane character from the entire movie and it will be the exact same film!  The fact that this is possible more or less means that this really isn’t a Die Hard film at all, it’s just an old script that they shoehorned the character into in order to get it made.

I am not going to let my dislike of this film stop me from seeing ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ or whatever it may be called when the sixth movie is eventually made, however, my enthusiasm for the series is at a low point.  The producers can do whatever they want; tone it down, remake it, make it animated, I don’t care.  What they did this time is  actually made the movie boring and that’s a sin that is unforgivable.

1 .5 stars out of five.