Let me preface this by saying I normally don’t like to pay much attention to leaks or rumors.  They’re usually a waste of time to read and most don’t provide much reliable information.  However, through lots of reading and referencing, I’ve decided this information is worth sharing.

The controller images, above and below, are said to be from an early prototype from a developers kit (which you can see one of the controllers connected to).  As you can see, the images appear to show two slightly different controllers which shows they’re presumably from different times throughout the testing/development stage.

The analog sticks seem to have a much needed revamp.  The current gen sticks sport the unfortunate convex shape at the top.  These photos show a slightly concave shape with convex inner button which would allow for less slipping while controlling.

There is the much hyped touch pad just above the new analog sticks that is capable of two-point touch and sources over at Kotaku say that it also clicks as another function.  Most likely the touch pad will be very similar to the touch pad on the backside of the PS Vita.

Check past the jump for more info and another picture.


There is a colored light ‘thing’ between the shoulder buttons. Some are saying this has to do with the move system. Will a move style controller eliminate the need for the Six Axis system?

The overall size of the controller appears to be bulkier compared to the current controllers but this is probably an early prototype so this may change.

Other noticeable differences:  A speaker or microphone between the analog sticks, possibly similar to the Wii controller speaker, an input jack on the bottom of the controller that could be a jack for a headset as seen on the Xbox controller, the shoulder and trigger buttons appear to have been changed in some way and there are two little buttons, one on either side of the touch pad, possibly for the start/select functions.

I apologize for getting caught up in the rumor vortex and, again, I stress, these are early prototype photos and things could change upon final release.