Evasi0nLogo2This has certainly been an exciting week for iOS users.  Reports have come in that over 7 millions devices have been jailbroken in just four days.

This is great news for the alternative app store Cydia and independent developers who are able to create software for iOS devices.

iOS users who are  jailbroken can log onto Cydia and browse apps designed for iPhones, iPads and iPods that are unavailable anywhere else.

As of Thursday night 6.9 Million iDevices jailbroken with the Evasi0n exploit accessed the Cydia app.  These number are to be considered accurate as Jay Freeman, Cydia administrator, reports:

I report the number of unique device identifiers (UDID’s, in Apple parlance) that use Cydia during certain time frames … It is not possible for your UDID to be counted unless you were jailbroken.

Although Freeman “found these numbers disappointing ;P”, the high numbers were to be expected due to the increased number of Apple devices in the market since the release of the iPhone 5 and new iPad units.


Source: forbes.com