Here’s a crazy eBay auction for you to check out.  eBay user ‘*’  (with a zero rating on) is selling his collection of video games, consoles and accessories.  When I say collection I don’t just mean a couple consoles and a hand full of games.  I mean a 30 year collection of over 180! accessories, 330!! consoles, over 6800!!!! games.  All this for only $550,000!  Did I mention he has absolutely no feedback?

Somehow, the eBay’er managed to keep the original packaging for most of the items.  In fact, according to the pictures I’ve viewed, some of the consoles, like the Nintendo64, original PlayStation and something called the Sega MegaJet appear to still be wrapped in original plastic.

It’s a truly incredible collection.

You can view a gazillion photos over on his imageshack account.

He’s listed the entire collection in a PDF which you can download here.  The link has generated too much traffic at the moment and is unavailable but you should be able to check it out soon.

What item would you want the most out of all this?

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