With the release of the Evad3rs iOS 6+ jailbreak today, I’ve seen a few stores of success but mostly stories of frustration and anger.

The success side of things comes from the jailbreak itself.  It’s quite a seamless and quick process.  The anger comes when users attempt to add or install apps from Cydia.

cydia-logo (1)

Within a few hours following the release, well over 250,000 iPhones were jailbroken.  Naturally, once a user jailbreaks their phone they want to jump onto Cydia and start adding apps and modifying their themes.

With hundreds of thousands of log-in attempts so soon after the jailbreak release the Cydia servers were terribly over loaded and crashed.  Users noticed error messages when trying to access Cydia or install repositories one of the apps.

What’s your story today?  Did you jailbreak your phone with the new firmware?  If so were you successful while accessing Cydia?  How did you mod your phone?