last-stanWell, he did always say he’d be back! After a long absence from the big screen (aside from some cameos), Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Hollywood.  His first starring roll back, however, may not be exactly what fans were hoping for. Compared to his earlier films, this is relatively tame. Sure, there is some great gunfights and car chases, but most of the filler is uneventful. Sadly, unlike his counterpart Stallone, ‘Ah-nuld’ is starting to show his age.

Here, he plays Ray Owens – a former DEA agent who took on the roll of Sheriff in the small town of Summerton. In Las Vegas, a drug kingpin has escaped custody and is making a straight shot to Mexico in a souped up Sports car. Unfortunately for him, he makes the decision to make his travel path through Summerton. Arnold and his various deputies are not about to let that happen.

Don’t get me wrong – this is by no means a bad movie. It’s just considering the hype around Arnold’s big screen comeback, I wasn’t expecting something so underwhelming.