If you’ve built enough computers, you understand the importance of getting the right CPU for the job.   Weather your assembling a monster gaming machine for a friend or Granny needs a new computer for keeping the church books straight.  Each computer you put together will require a different assortment of parts.

The CPU is arguably the most important decision you will make when it comes time to lay down big money on parts.  A CPU can cost you anywhere from $30 on an older AMD chip up to $4000 Intel server chip and, literally, hundreds of steps in between.

With a difficult decision, like which CPU is right for a particular build, any way to ease the pain is always welcome.  Enter CPUBoss.  A full database of processors covering desktops, servers, mobile and more.

cpubossCPUBoss.com helps you search for and compare processors to find the CPU that best fits your needs. We aggregate specs, benchmarks, and reviews into a user-friendly interface, and provide 50+ filters to search for CPUs by any criteria.

With over 1500 processors in their growing database, each containing a detailed breakdown of performance results, stats, features and anything else you may need to know, along with a powerful, yet easy to use, comparison tool, CPUBoss will be my go-to web resource during any future builds.