I love conceptual ideas.  Concept cars, concept phones, even conceptual houses.  These crazy, often unheard of ideas are what pushes us to create new, and better things.

Quintin Debaene, an industrial design student, designed a conceptual umbrella as an entrant into the James Dyson Award. The idea is to use air, as opposed to fabric or plastic, to protect the carrier from rain.


Based on Dyson technology, air would be sucked in through the handle and propelled out the top to create a “protection dome” blowing rain up and away from the carrier.

Thanks to its air use, there are no more problems of impermeability and drying.
It doesn’t tunrned [sic] inside out when winding and avoid user collisions.

The Dyson Airblow 2050, as it’s known, is a great idea, however impractical.  One of the great concept ideas that keep technology moving forward.


Dyson Airblow 2050