skyfall_coverMost movie franchises start losing their appeal after a few years (or 3 or 4 sequels).  It may come as a surprise to some that the James Bond series has not only been around for 50 years and given us over 20 sequels, but it is just as good as it was back when Sean Connnery was still a handsome young man.  After studio issues left the fate of the latest Bond movie in jeopardy, it seemed as if we’d seen the last of the super spy (or at least Daniel Craig in the role).

Luckily for us, things were settled and Bond fans were rewarded with a fantastic treat.  Skyfall is easily one of the best, if not THE best, 007 movie since the 1970’s.  The theme song by Adele is one of the greatest in the series 50 year history.  The Bond girls are beautiful, and actually serve a purpose, as opposed to just being eye candy.

skyfall02The action scenes are fast paced and brilliantly staged.  The story makes sense and the acting is superb and, best of all, Javier Bardem makes the villain the most memorable since the 1960’s.  For Bond fans, Skyfall gives us a return to the quality that hasn’t been seen in years.

Yes, I realize Casino Royale was nearly flawless, but it was very different than the Bond movies of yesteryear.  This brings Bond back to what the fans loved in the past. Without spoiling anything, those of you who have seen the classic 007 movies pay close attention to the details scattered throughout the film – you will be rewarded.  Let’s hope that with this resurgence in quality, James Bond will stick around for a few more decades at least.