Fossil JR1400

I’m not an “avid” watch collector but I do like them. I like wearing them, looking at them and finding a nice cheap watch that people think cost a lot. I think of myself as a “baller on a budget” which makes it hard to be a watch lover. Really good watches are not cheap. It’s difficult to find a good quality watch at a good price … Unless you shop around.

I like my watches heavy and big. I also really appreciate a subtle, non-gaudy, watch, which brings me to the Fossil JR1400.

The JR1400 weighs in at 16 ounces. It has a 50mm case, which will span 2 inches across your wrist and is 13mm thick. Nice and large! The band is 24mm wide with a 200mm circumference. Lucky for me my wrists are far from dainty.


The appearance of the watch is subtle and quiet. The smoke/grey face atop a brushed smoke case/band doesn’t allow the watch to pop visually but once it’s noticed it does attract compliments. The markings on the watch face are a light grey on top of the darker grey background, this makes the four main digits (3, 6, 9, 12), which are bold, easy to read at a glance. The remaining eight digits are marked by large double lines which keeps the face from appearing overly cluttered.

The window of the watch is made up of mineral crystal to help resist scratching. I wear this watch often, multiple time per week and I’ve owned it for two years. I wouldn’t consider myself clumsy but I’m also not very graceful and as you can see from the photos there are no scratches on the glass.


The clasp is a ‘triple hinge fold over’ with a push button release. After two years I’ve put on, and removed this thing, at least 1000 times and the clasp remains tight with no noticeable wiggle and the lock still attaches with a satisfying, confident click.

The band and the clasp face show no signs of wear other than extremely minor surface scuffs. All the pins are still holding strong with only minor, normal flex between the links.

The JR1400 movement is analog quartz so it will require a battery. The face has a date wheel just inside the 4 o’clock position which is controlled by a two stage setting crown at the 3 o’clock position. The face also has three dials; one near the 3, one near the 9 and a slightly larger one at the 6. The dials at the 6 and 9 are the chronograph (stopwatch) showing seconds and minutes (up to 30 minutes), these are controlled by two push buttons. The start/stop button at the 2 o’clock position and the reset at the 4. The small dial at the 3 o’clock spot shows 24 hour time.

There is a functional divers bezel surrounding the face of the JR1400 but even though it’s rated for 5ATM, I don’t know if this watch would be the best one to take on a dive. The overall color theme would most likely make it difficult to read underwater.

Overall I’m amazed at the durability of this watch. After two years of normal use it still look near new and still offers that “wow” factor.